"A Kooky Comedy" — Broadway World

When five mental patients get in trouble for misusing their rec room, they decide making a play will prevent them from getting kicked out. Set in the 1950’s, The Golden Smile delves into absurdism, vulgarity, music, and the treatment of mental health.

Writer thinks a play will save the rec room of our characters, but Director is skeptical. It doesn't help that Sarcastic Actor, Angry Actor, and Loathing Actor take their roles too seriously. The battle of these personalities contrasted with their struggles of personal torment tells the tale of The Golden Smile in its witty, vulgar, and song filled color.

" The Golden Smile serves to be an exhilarating night at the theater. Watch it for the humor, energy, witty lines and music. It is sure to get everyone walking out with a smile and maybe even a golden one. ”

        — OffOffOnline

Mental Patients... I Mean, CAST! 

Planet Connections Festivity and Capital Fringe!

Andy McCain as "Writer"
Amanda Mason as "Director" 
JeVon Todd Blackwell as "Messenger"
Flynn Harne as "Angry Actor"
Jody Doo as "Sarcastic Actor"
Robert DiDomenico as "Loathing Actor"
Jody Hinkley as "Critic 1"
Yasmin Schancer Schancer as "Critic 2"