Dynamic, Passionate and Engaging Speaker, Amanda has been reaching audiences on local, state and national podiums. As a Classically Trained Opera Singer and Triple Threat Performer in NYC, she has a gift for communicating messages to all ages and professions, from children to CEOs. Her public speaking journey started, with the National Foundation for Women Legislatures and on behalf of their organization addressed the Florida House of Representatives at 14 years old. For the past 11 years, She has been a driving force waging the war on drugs through her prevention program, The Middle School Movement: Reaching Youth Before Alcohol & Drugs Do. Her mission is to protect the next generation by giving them tools to achieve their dreams, overcome obstacles and evaluate decisions. 



  • Achieving Your DREAM: Determination, Respect, Evaluate, Accountability & Motivation

  • Dangers of Drugs & Alcohol: Prescription Drugs, Marijuana and Alcohol

  • You are Never Alone, Finding A Trusted Adult


DRUGS & ALCOHOL Additional Topics

  • The Dangers of Different Types of Drugs and How they Affect the Body: 

         ·      Prescription Drugs (Identifying: Depressants, Stimulants and Opioids) 

         ·     Legal Drugs (Over the Counter: Cough Medicine, Diet Pills, Inhalants & Bath Salts) 

         ·      Illegal Drugs (Marijuana, Heroin, ‘Molly’ & Specific Drugs in you Community) 

  • Negotiation Skills through Role Play (Effective Ways to say No & Handle Peer Pressure) 

  • Myth Busters Individual/Team (What’s True and What’s Not) 

  • Drunk Goggles (The Truth about Driving Under the Influence) 

  •  Identifying Addiction


YOUTH TOPICS Customized for Any Age, K-12

  • Setting Goals, Achieving Dreams & Time Management
  • Overcoming Obstacles & Evaluating Situations

  • Developing Negotiation Skills  

  • Building Confidence, Everyone is Beautifully Unique, Finding Your Gifts

  •  Health & Nutrition

  • Overcome Bullying: Verbal, Physical, Social and Cyber

  • Preparing for College & Planning for the Future  



  • How to Talk to your Kids about Drugs and Alcohol

  • Importance of Early Drug/Alcohol Education



  • Vocal Health & Technique
  •  Performance Preperation and Character Creation
  •  Overcoming Nerves & Audition techniques

“..two of the boys that volunteered to go on stage with Amanda are both on the autism spectrum. For them to go on stage was remarkable. That in itself told me how well received the program was. Amanda was great in reaching out to the students. As I said yesterday, you can't teach those skills. She has them and what a pleasure to have her here.” 
                                                           — Joseph, Principal at a Middle School in Queens

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